323ARTIST is poised to handle a diverse range of marketing communications and technical development projects. Whether your company is looking for brand identity, content development, graphic design, web development, or digital photography, 323ARTIST can plan and deliver a solution that addresses your business needs while maintaining user functionality. This is accomplished by staying current with technology and software updates, analyzing business strategies and following the industries latest design techniques.

323ARTIST uses a variety of design techniques to understand users needs, analyze business strategies, and to determine the most useful concepts based upon the industry standards. 323artist is adept to working within your budget and timeframe to develop creative-rich print and web solutions that burn and indelible impression into the minds of your audience.

Added PHP/MySQL programming allows for integration of various sophisticated functions, from online registration to back-end database integration.

323ARTIST is currently seeking a full-time position with a creative design company that is in need of an extremely skilled artist with intricate design and programming skills. If you are interested in using 323artist's design and development services as a freelance position or per contract base use, please visit www.x75studios.com to view another complete line of work produced by 323artist with a design sense geared for the business world.


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Los Angeles, California
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Graphic Design
» Identity & Print
Design plays a pivotal role in defining corporate images, creating customer experiences & evoking emotional feelings about companies.
logos | patterns | digital art
Flash Development
» Actionscript Samples
ActionScript along with animation techniques create quick loading movies, streaming music along with enhanced visual experiences.
movie 01 | movie 02 | movie 03
Digital Photography
» Detailed Imaging
High-resolution digital photography, studio techniques and pixel-by-pixel refinement produce images with definition of color, texture & shape.
architect | portrait | still life